“You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.”

~ Anton Chekhov

Street signs. Guide dogs. A white cane. Guidance is everywhere; it is a vital organ in the system that propels us forward and keep the wheels of life turning in our favour. Without guidance, one is left to traverse his path without a map, leaving every decision to blind fate.

The question now is what is worse: no guidance, or the possibility of misguidance? Would you rather drown in the consequences of your actions, knowing very well they were created by your own hand? Or do you place your trust in the words of others, with the results, for better or worse, not entirely your own. I’ve always preferred the former. But something tells me this method will soon hit its peak potential. Accountability is of top priority to me when it comes to making decisions on my future. There is no one I trust more than myself. Yet, I know there are untapped reserves beneath the many layers of pride, waiting to be extracted. A traditional pump-jack won’t suffice — my walls are too thick to allow it. Something more surgical, more tailored to the task at hand, will be what gets through to me. Whether that be a person, place or moment is to be determined. But one thing is for sure: driving blind in the dead of night will not take you to your destination. Turn on your headlights.


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