The Friendship Paradigm

“I’m tryna learn something new, surround myself with people that inspire me. Or at least inquire similar desires to do what it T-A-K-E-S to reach the T-O-P.”

~ Kendrick Lamar

Friendship is something that has been and always will be very important in my life. For myself, friends are a sort of de-stressing mechanism: a way to relax, unwind, share a laugh, or just ramble about the latest City victory (c’mon CITY). Because of this, I find that I must choose my friends quite carefully. It is important to me to surround myself with people who not only consider me friends, but understand the uniqueness of my own (and everyone’s for that matter) being.

Each and every one of us is different, and therefore should be engaged in distinct ways; one method may be effective in one situation, but disastrous in another. This is why great friends are worth their weight in gold. If you are lucky enough to have people who understand you both at your highs and lows, never let them go; these are the friendships worth fighting for. And furthermore, let go of the past and the pain of toxic relationships; all friendships had good moments once. Be honest with yourself and you will know if and when the time is right.Having finished undergrad this past week (assuming I passed my exams lol), I have done a lot of reflection. Reflection not only in my relationships with others, but within myself as well. These last 4 years have not been easy, but looking back, I think the person I have become is better equipped to deal with life and its hardships. And life is definitely not easy, even for those who had ‘good’ beginnings. What is left now is to search out meaning. Find my place in the world.


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