Schrödinger’s Cat

“I went to bed with a calm and happy spirit. Great Lord, help me walk in Thy paths: (1) to flee anger by gentleness and deliberation; (2) to flee lust by self-restraint and loathing; (3) to escape from the turmoil of the world without cutting myself off from (a) the duties of my political work, (b) the cares of my household, (c) relations with my friends, and (d) the management of my finances.”

~ Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

I once thought solitude was the answer to all the world’s problems. By distancing myself from the inevitable pain of interpersonal relations, from the intoxicating pull of culture, I sought to find my true self, by myself. However there was always a voice inside of me doubting my methodology, questioning whether this was really the answer. Whilst some success was found, it comes at a price.

I am starting to think otherwise.


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