Taking the Plunge

“They lead, each Brother plummeting from the tower and landing safely below in a bale of hay. They are like eagles. Truly free. I do not hesitate. The fall feels like a flight. Exhilarating!”

~ Perotto Calderon

Stepping back from social media is no easy endeavour — to maintain social dexterity, particularly in youth (I reckon it is not as important in later years), it requires a recalibration of one’s social behaviour.  One must acknowledge that liberation from the gravity of social media comes at the cost of a heightened responsibility to reach out to those who matter most. The beauty is that it is your choice who matters.

The building of a career is an essential component of one’s life. We spend the majority of our lives working, and the importance of choosing something that is deeply meaningful to one’s self has become apparent. One must come to terms with their true self, both the persona and the shadow, in order to see themselves for who they are and tap into their fullest potential. Only then can a fulfilling career be identified and attained.

I feel I have been given a second shot at answering my true calling. Time is of the essence: take the plunge.


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