The Mid-Life Crisis

“The road is always better than the inn.”

~ Miguel de Cervantes

Habits and routines are useful tools that help us simplify the world, making it manageable enough for us to confidently navigate and experience; it can even be said that they are critical to the achievement of goals and maintenance of every day life, promoting consistency and discipline. Despite its utility, habit and routine can cause our life to become methodical and bland, void of the joy and novelty necessary for a fulfilling life. It is therefore necessary, on occasion, to force ourselves out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. I reckon the mid-life crisis strikes those who, after living busy and repetitive lives for 35 or 40 years, one day realize that they have less time left than they have lived already and have neglected their inner desires, drives, and passions for the comforting embrace of routine and the societal status quo. Seeking new experiences and knowledge can help to renew that vigour for life that often dissipates as we age and grow into adulthood. Below, I propose three ways we can continually challenge ourselves throughout life to avoid that dreadful mid-life crisis.

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